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Metcon (Time)

Part 115 Minutes

GOAL: Start light & stay very controlled, then proceed to heavier weight. DO NOT compromise form for more weight. It’s not about rushing through Reps, instead aim for perfect ROM & Form. If you hit a weight max early, then you back it down and get some volume for the time remaining of the 15mins.


– 2x Deadlifts – TO –

-1x Power Clean – TO –

-4x Back Squats

[SUB: Front Squat For Mobility & Safety issue!]

Part 2

5 Rounds

100ft Single Arm DB Over Head Lunge [50ft/50ft] (50/35)(35/20)

10 Double DB Hang Snatch

10 single DB Sit-ups

Rest 1:00 min between rds

Part 3


2 Rounds

30sec AMRAP Hindu Squats [Air Squats -Heels Elevated, up & off the ground]

30sec Superman Hold

50ft Calf Walk

Rest 1min between rds