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Warm-up (No Measure)

15-20 min.) Prep for Hang Power Clean

With a PVC, briefly perform 1 min. of each/side Flag-Pole Stretch + Front-Rack Stretch

Then, depending on class ability, use a PVC or barbell to review the movement as:

Hang Muscle Clean – Hang Power Clean (3 positions)

Then, have them perform:

1 HPC from High Hang

1 HPC from Mid-Thigh

1 HPC from just above the Knee

3 sets

*Increase load each time.

Then, work up to starting weight of their first set as:

5 reps

4 reps

3 reps

2 reps

2-3 x 1 rep

*Add load each time, and roughly use loads similar to their working sets (a little lighter) in reverse order.


Metcon (Weight)


Hang Power Clean



Hang Power Clean



Hang Power Clean

Strength day, but with a little twist. Today, instead of the regular rep schemes we use, we are going for an ascending scheme, ending in a max-reps set. The max set is intended to be done slightly lighter than the set of 6, and the set is terminated when they drop or put the barbell down.

The ascending sets also start heavy and decrease in load. We aren’t using percentages because we want you to go on how you are feeling rather than making it formulaic. But, we want you to barely be able to complete each set unbroken, so a rule of thumb would be to decrease the load each set by roughly 5 percent, which will equate to between 5-10+/- lb. depending on starting weight.


Metcon (Time)

Optional Finisher

50 Single-unders

40 Mountain Climbers

30 V-ups

20 DB Hang Power Cleans (50/35 lb.)

10 Strict Pull-ups