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CrossFit Overton – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Review and Prep for Front Squats

As a group, while reviewing the Front Squat, include some holds in the bottom position and some fast-out-of-the bottom reps.

Then, perform

2 x 5 reps

4 x 3 reps

*Increase the load each set, with the last set being at or just under their first working set.

Front Squat (3-3-3-3-3)

Everyone: There are a couple of ways to strategize today’s sets. One, the athlete can start at a working weight and continue to build across all 5 sets. Once he/she reaches a max, take that weight down by 10 percent or so and continue to finish until 5 sets have been completed. Another way to game plan this is to slowly build up over 5 sets and aim for the final set to be the heaviest load. This would require smaller jumps throughout and perhaps even some repeats in weight on the way up. Either way, we want the stimulus to be heavy enough so that athletes are resting 3-4 min. between efforts.

Metcon (Time)

(10 min.) Partner Finisher

In pairs: 100-cal. Bike Erg

*One person bikes, the other holds the top of a Pull-up (Scale to Pull-up Bar Hang or Hold the top of a Ring Row.)

*Calories can only be accumulated while partner is performing the hold. A drop does not mean you need to transition; you can hop back up.

*Divide calories as needed. It does not need to be even between partners.