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We are a couple teams shy of hitting our 30 team goal for the competition. Find 2 partners and sign up only a couple days left to register!

CrossFit Overton – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

With a DB one step lighter than their workout weight, review the DB movements:

DB Devils Press

SA OH DB Lunge *Perform 5 each arm.

Then, using their workout weight, perform:

10 Push-ups (deficit for Competitors)

5 DB Devils Presses

5 SA OH DB Lunges

Run 100 m

2 Rounds


Metcon (Time)


100-m Run

10 Deficit Push-ups

10 DB Devils Presses (50/35 lb.)

10 DB SA OH Lunges

5 rounds


100-m Run

10 Push-ups

10 DB Devils Presses (45/25 lb.)

10 DB SA OH Lunges

5 rounds


100-m Run

10 Push-ups

10 DB Devils Presses

10 DB SA Lunges

4 rounds
Everyone: The goal for today is to perform each movement unbroken for all 5 rounds, and to keep moving at a steady/uncomfortable pace the whole time. For some athletes 10 Push-ups will be hard to perform unbroken after a few rounds, but they should be able to get them done in two sets with a quick break. The Devils Presses, even though horrible, are relatively easy to keep moving through without breaking. We recommend doing 5 Lunges on one arm and 5 on the other to keep both shoulders in balance and not too fatigued. They don’t need to stop for long to do this, they can switch arms as they move into the next Lunge.

We would like everyone to be able to go sub-14 min., with your top athletes completing it in around 12 min. Make sure you scale appropriately.