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CrossFit Overton – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Quick INTENSE Warm-up

Death by Burpees

*Add 1 Burpee every 30 sec. until people can no longer hold it, or 5 min. is up.

(5 min.) Quick Partner Mobility

1 min. Over-the-Shoulder Stretch, per person

1 min. Hip/Back Stretch (alternate sides with 3 sec. hold between), per person

As a group, with an empty barbell, perform Front-Rack Lunges and Press—Push Press—Push Jerk for as many reps as needed until athletes are moving well.

Then, have them perform (quickly, to get their heart rates up)

4 Lunges + 4 Jerks

3 rounds

*The last round should be done at their workout weight.


Metcon (Time)


6 Front-Rack Lunges (185/125 lb.)

6 Jerks

5 rounds


6 Front-Rack Lunges (155/105 lb.)

6 Jerks

5 rounds


6 Front-Rack Lunges

6 Jerks

5 rounds
Everyone: The goal for today is to perform each movement for each round unbroken. Unbroken Lunges, unbroken Jerks. For some people, this might fall apart after Rounds 2-3. To achieve this, people will need to take a little longer between sets to ensure they can perform them unbroken. Some might need to scale the load to achieve it. We want the load to feel moderately heavy for the given movements.


Metcon (No Measure)

Take a 200-m Walk, or slow Row.

Then, perform:

10 slow Air Plane Crash Victim Stretches, hold the position

1 min. Supine Pigeon Stretch, each side