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Zercher Squat



Zercher Squat



Zercher Squat

The Zercher Squat is a squat variation that involves placing the barbell in the crook of the elbow. This movement, similarly to the Front Squat, places the bar in front of the body, which increases the demand on the midline. By having the bar weighted lower on the torso instead of compressing it, it also helps strengthen the traps and even biceps. Zercher Squats are also credited for helping increase better posture, as it strengthens an optimal thoracic position. If the position is uncomfortable, have athletes cushion the bar using a pad or sweatshirt.

Athletes likely won’t know their 1RM on this lift, so we are looking to build over the 5 sets of 3 and sort of max out on their triple. The session will also include a bit of extra accessory work to help round out the strength set.

Use today as a day to train an odd lift and feel good for the last Open workout we have coming up tomorrow!

Warm-up (No Measure)

review Zercher Squat

As a group review the movement as needed. Then perform:

3×5 reps

3×3 reps

*Add load each set with the goal of being at their starting weight on the last set of 3.

(20 min.) Perform Zercher Squat Sets

*Perform one set every 3-4 min.