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CrossFit Overton – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Rounds

10 Good Mornings holding light DB

10 Single-Leg Deadlifts with light DB (each side)

10 Strict Sit-ups with DB or Scale to No DB

10 Hip Bridges (go up, hold for 5 sec., come down)


Review the Deadlift as a group with an empty barbell.

Then, perform;

2×5 Deadlifts

2×3 Deadlifts

2-3×1 Deadlift

*Add a little load each time. Work up to their starting weight for their first set of 1 rep.

Metcon (Weight)




*Optional Finisher




*Optional Finisher




*Optional Finisher
Competitor & Rx’d: Singles for these athletes should start around 85 percent and increase very slightly every rep thereafter. Have them take small jumps: 5-15 lb. They do not have to go for a new 1RM, but we want them to feel good and lift heavy. Positions should be of the utmost importance. Aim for about 3-4 min. between attempts.

Fitness: We are increasing the number of reps to 5 as to not max out, but we don’t want them getting too heavy of overall volume, so there are only 3 working sets. For these athletes, they can perform the sets of 5 at a constant, heavy weight throughout. It will likely take them 10-15 min. to find their weight before they start their first working set. The weight should get challenging around rep 3 and athletes should take about 3-4 min. of rest between attempts.

Metcon (Time)

60 Toes-to-Bars

Every time you drop, perform:

10 Weighted Sit-ups (with a MB)

*Scale the amount of T2B, and then scale the movement.

*Scale Sit-ups to no load.